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Bonfire Night in The Chester Fields


Author : IT    Date : October 24, 2017

Attend the Bonfire Night for a sparkling night meant to be a Bang! Fireworks, Drinks and Hot Foods! Also there is a competition to get 50% discount on your final bill, if booked a Seat after 04:00 pm therein. Deliberate to take place at the Chester Fields onSunday 05 November 2017, the bonfire event is set to give a night of delicious hot foods and drinks. Also it is important to know that reservation of seat is taken by Telephone only, as it is helpful to keep you away from being queued in long line. Alternatively if you wish to attend the bonfire night in the Chester Fields and enjoy every minute thereon, then it requests to hire any of its Chester  escorts available at Playmate Escorts.

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Please remember:Fireworks and BBQ to start at 7 pm.