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Do blondes have more fun?


Author : Playmate    Date : October 31, 2014

Do blondes have more fun?


Let’s face it; most men are attracted to women based on the women’s physical features such as the height, skin colour and tone to name but a few. The list is literally unlimited. For a long term relationship or commitment, a man will start looking beyond the physical attributes of a woman. But if you’re looking for escorts in Manchester, there are many beautiful brunette escorts and blonde escorts available for you to choose from. So which one of these fun-loving escorts is the one for you?

One of the physical features that a man unconsciously notices about a woman during the instance they meet is the hair colour. Anyone can tell a woman’s colour from a distance, but whether it’s dyed or natural is another matter, and may require a closer inspection! So what hair colour does a man prefer on a woman? To answer this question, we will have to look at their personalities arising from their hair colour.

Since redheads are rare, it is easier to narrow down the debate to blondes and brunettes. There is a general perception that brunettes are more intelligent than the blondes. This impacts hugely on their personalities. A blonde will tend to compensate this perception by focusing on their beauty and appearance. This has been scientifically proven by a study showing that blondes take on average six more minutes than brunettes to get ready. You may agree, the hotter the woman the better. But a combination of the two is even more alluring. If you’re looking for an escort to take out and about, beauty wins on this one, there is a huge ego boost being seen walking down the street with a beautiful woman. This is not meant to imply that brunettes are not beautiful; but they are more subtly beautiful, whereas blondes tend to be more noticeable.  If you’re looking for someone more understated but equally as beautiful then there are a wealth of brunette escorts in Manchester for you to choose from.

In a populated city like Manchester for example, taking a quick glance on a busy street may lead you to conclude that blondes are much more prevalent than brunettes. This is because more brunettes are dying their hair lighter than blondes dying their hair darker. This indicates the adventurous personality of the woman. A woman who dyes her hair is more adventurous and likes to experiment. She would like to know how she will look like if she changes something as obvious as her hair colour. She is more outgoing and more spontaneous, so you may prefer a fun-loving blonde escort who used to be brunette!

So whatever date you’re looking for, consider the personality behind the hair colour and choose adventurous escorts, who will certainly make for a very special night!