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CHESTER: 07463781448
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Manchester Escorts Service

Looking for Manchester escorts, call 0161 738 1010 today? The service provide here as Escorts in Manchester is second to none.  Whether you are travelling in from another city or need something when you’re commuting to Manchester Airport, we will make sure your experience is smooth.

We supply a wide variety of Manchester Escorts who can transport you to where you need – whether it is local or an escorted trip into Manchester city centre for a personal or business reason.  They will drive you to your ultimate destination – you think it, and we will relay it.  So whether you want to come to us or if you need a pick up from another location, we cover all areas.  Just let us know which area you need our services and we will ensure that our service is speedy and on time.

Manchester escorts can offer a door to door service to all major airport hotels so you don’t have to do much expect pick up the phone and book.  Prices and escort rates are transparent so you know what you will be paying for your pleasurable journey with girls!

With styles to suit each and every one of our client’s needs.  Whether you’re after a blonde escort, brown haired or busty escort in and around the Manchester area, we are sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for here at Playmate Escorts Manchester. You’ll be meeting girls in and around Manchester who love what they do, and are committed to always do their best to ensure you love every minute spent with them. Escorts don’t have to be about a transportation service only, this kind of service will take you down a new road altogether!

Manchester is a great and diverse city and with that in mind Playmates Escorts in Manchester was born. Manchester is an extremely huge and vibrant city and we know and understand that we all have different tastes which is why our Manchester Escorts reflect the city’s needs. Whether it’s a straight forward and upfront local escort or an exotic flame you’re after, Playmates Manchester Escorts is the premier destination to keep that wood for the fire burning


A pleasurable escort service with professional escorts in Manchester 

There are quite a number of escort agencies from Didsbury to Cheadle, delivering similar services in Manchester these days but not many which can rival the professionalism which our Playmates Escort agency in Manchester prides ourselves in.  If you want an escort from Wigan or Oldham or from North Manchester like Bury or would like her to drive down south in Stockport we can provide the perfect one.  For our girls, working as an Escort is more than just a job.  It’s a real passion and one that will guarantee an extremely pleasant experience for the man who is looking for that discreet bit of fun and we pride ourselves on listing professional escorts offering a completely confidential service.   When picking up an escort, (or escorts from here), you will not only get ladies with a willingness to please but one who truly understands what your needs are.  We offer a truly personal service and all our escorts are naturals when it comes to communicating with men on a number of levels.  So if you’re looking for that touch of class or simply the girl next door feel, we have a wide range of experienced girls for every occasion.  Not one of our escorts will be exactly the same as the other and with that in mind we ensure that every experience delivered is a truly unique one.  


Experienced Escorts in Manchester 

This Manchester escort agency is a well-respected and a widely renowned escort agency reputed for providing escorts with extreme talent. Our escorts are beautiful, sexy, classy and irresistible which no man would be able to find any fault in. Before these ladies are being recruited, they go through thorough interview stages and properly examined in a wide range of scenario.  Only the best escorts in Manchester are selected whom then hone their career as genuine professionals. We only have the very best working at our Escort agency these elite selection of Manchester escort ladies are being selected after scrupulous scrutiny.

After the selection process, Manchester escort agency trains the new recruits on how to provide erotic service to their clients in ways which they would love to have it. Escorts in Manchester are highly experience and well equipped with techniques and methods to satisfy the desires of all of their clients. One of the many reasons why these ladies are on hot demand by clients from far and wide in the adult entertainment business is the result of their level of professionalism and expertise. These Manchester escorts are known to be among the highly rated and prominent erotic service providers you can find anywhere across the globe.  Our services are being rendered with utmost discretion and confidentiality and this is also a contributing factor to the influx of clients seeking to have an experience of these escorts.  After your time with us we are confident that you will be coming back for more.  For us, it’s important that we maintain and sustain that quality approach to taming our clients' wildfires and that our experience will shine and be easily recognised as truly the best escort agency in Manchester.  


A Variety of Escort Services in Manchester 

We have a wide variety of Manchester escorts offers services for our clients. These include but are not limited to French kisses, dominatrix, massages, threesome encounter for Nymphos, escort for occasions and events, ushers in events and more. Due to their attractive looks, a large majority of our clients wish to have them as date for a particular period of time, to various occasions, nightclubs or business meetings. Whatever your needs please contact us.  That’s why we can cater for the desire for Blonde escorts, brunette escorts, exotic escorts or very busty escorts in Manchester. The romantic moment you spend with these ladies is usually a remarkable one to be cherished and not so easily forgotten. This makes a lot of their clients call back so as to experience such notable service again. You would never want to leave whenever they must have been through with you.

If you wish to book one or more of these escorts in Manchester, it is of great importance that you make your bookings ahead of time so that the lady you prefer would be made available for you alone on the arranged date.


To book a Manchester Escort, contact us today.