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MANCHESTER: 07463781448
CHESTER: 07463781448
LEEDS: 07463781448
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Escorts in Leeds

Welcome to our Leeds rota page! Here you’ll be able to view your favorite escort’s schedule over the coming week. If you can’t see a particular playmate, don’t worry. Our girls are extremely flexible and we’ll certainly do our best to accommodate your requests. Just give us a ring on 07463781448 and we’ll make the appropriate enquiries with your preferred playmate

to ensure the best possible service. Remember, they want you to have a great time and a memorable experience you’ll never forget!

Of course, we endeavour to keep our rota up to date, but there may be changes made at the last minute for unavoidable reasons. Keep in mind, we’ll do our best to meet your needs. If you do want to make a booking beyond the week shown, then remember you can call us and arrange a pre-booking, which can be up to two months in advance!


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Fri 22st N/A
Sat 23st N/A
Sun 24st N/A
Mon 25st N/A
Tue 26st N/A
Wed 27st N/A
Thu 28st N/A
Fri 29st N/A
Sat 30st N/A
Sun 31st N/A
Mon 01st N/A
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Wed 03st N/A
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Fri 05st N/A
Sat 06st N/A
Sun 07st N/A